In ebonics, a neighborhood that is full of white people.
This muthafukka come rollin up in here in his Jaguar tryin to cop neva been outta tha crakka box in his entire life.

Don't call me an Uncle Tom. The only reason you say I live in the cracker box is because you live in the ghetto, brother.
by sc0ner June 13, 2010
A small, badly constructed house in a poor neighborhood, usually an older house.
Joe lives with his wife and four kids in a two bedroom crackerbox near the railroad tracks.
by Libertine June 06, 2011
term used in Polk County, FL meaning a room strictly filled and reserved for white people.
hey john is leaving tomorrow, so we gotta get a white boy in here, to keep it a cracker box.
by mills5150 May 30, 2013
cracker box is a derogatory reference to the vagina of a sleezy looking white trash female. So nasty and white trash that the idea of fucking her is gross. Any white trash girl, young or old.
Look at that skanky girl, that is one nasty cracker box.
by Jaemeni June 16, 2008
Another funny word for vagina.
"She has a funny smelling crackerbox."
by H034SH0 October 23, 2007
white person shoved inside of a box
if a black person gets mad he might shove you inside a box therefore it becomes a crackerbox
by paige&jessica December 13, 2008

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