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A cracker who things he is black!
Look at that fucken cracker black. Someone needs to kick his ass!
by Daniela June 16, 2006
18 35
Ese that is white, but macks so much that he is literally black. A reverse oreo. White chocolate.
Man that white cracker over there got serious game. That's one cracker black, nigga.
by White Ninja June 25, 2006
46 31
A black guy that thinks he's caucasian
Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air is a real Cracker Black!
by Brown Betty August 11, 2009
14 6
A black white supremacist, such as Dave Chappelle's Clayton Bigsby.
Clayton Bigsby was a crackerblack and he divorced his wife because she was a niggerlover.
by LaShanda September 11, 2005
12 5
Any black person that acts more traditionally white than black.
"Yesterday, I saw LaBrandon coming out of whole foods, with a bag stuffed with English tea, French truffles, and Belgian beer."

"Yeah, he's been a Cracker Black since WAY back."
by GreatRedShark April 17, 2010
17 13
a black white sapermicist
1 the black man who stands for white power and hates black ppl

2 a white man who stands for black power and hates white people

3 a puerto rican man who is just plain confused of this sapremicist shit
by adam aka bart May 11, 2004
17 19