Its when a football player get hit very hard.
Dude he just got CRACKED.
by Big Poppin November 24, 2009
more inebriated than one can hadle. too drunk.
that broad is mad cracked. did you see her sprawled all over that chair? i saw her panties
by JBShabazz September 09, 2003
To be completely out of money. Having no source of funds whatsoever.
Lemme hold 10, nigga I'm cracked!
by Drew Dog April 20, 2004
ugly, not pretty or easy to look at
DUUDE did you see that guy last night...hella cracked all up in the face.
by samsna April 18, 2004
Carded. Proof of Identification, usually when referring to buying liquor or cigartettes.
"I got cracked at the bar!"
by Saskwatching February 06, 2009
Texas Hold Em: Won a hand in poker against someone's superior hole cards, ofen pocket pairs.
"He cracked my cowboys with a flush on the river. What a rat!"

"Aces cracked gets a snack."
by Coell May 11, 2005
gettin smacked by a female aquaintence
that mofo got cracked by his bitch
by ben speary September 14, 2003

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