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A white person.

Contrary to popular belief the term cracka (or cracker, the alternative spelling) is assigned to white people not because of the sound of a whip (which is nothing more than an attempt at reverse psychology, i.e. white power), but because the skin of a white person is prone to cracking in the sun.

18th century crackas did not have access to the luxury of modern sunscreen and were therefore prone to sunburn which causes white skin to crack and flake, as such slaves used to refer their captors as crackas.
Slave 1: "Hey Jones, stop digging that escape tunnel and get back to work".

Slave 2: "Why? I'm almost done."

Slave 1: "That Cracka is coming".

Slave 2: "Which one?".

Slave 1: "The lazy one who has been out in the sun all day watching for runaways".
by JusHonest February 16, 2014
A term that is racist, as long as the speaker of it is not white. At times referenced to as the "c-word".
White man 1 to white man 2: What up cracka?
White man 2: Not much cracka. what bout you white chocolate?

Black man: What up crackas?
White group: Why u use the c-word man? We the only ones who can use it.
by Cracka5000 February 27, 2009
A Racist Word For white People. Originated from back in the cotton plantation and slavery days where the white slave drivers would "crack" the whip at the lazy slaves. the opposite of nigger
Slave Driver "get back to work you lazy nigger"
Slave "fuck you cracka"
by Heroin Joe February 17, 2009
1.Slang Term For White Person. Sometimes For Hispanics.
Sometimes Used as Insult.
2. Slng Term For Police.No Matter What Race If, Your A Cop Your A Cracka.
1. Fuck as Cracka Tryna Act Black.
2.Pussy Ass Crackas Coming Better Buck.
by Shawn 305 DADE March 16, 2008
Slang term for Marijuana in Northern California.
Lets get some crackas and get super salty!
by W54crackas September 29, 2009
'Krah-ka' Used by white friends. It it the opposite of 'Nigga'. It is to be offensive when black people call white people Cracka, but not by them of the sale race.

Damn Cracka, Those pants make your white girl booty look juicy!
by Tabitha2008 January 16, 2008
1) light: informal word for Cracker; a white person,

2) heavy: the "man", the po-lees(police)
x1- "dat sum funny shit my cracka"
x2- "Fuck ass crackers tryin ta scar a cracka" OR "fuck ass crackers tryin ta scar a nigga" OR "watch what yo mouth say cracka"
by sillycracka February 25, 2007