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A type of music that combines elements of punk, hardcore, rocksteady, and ska. Very fast and usually singers scream for a more hardcore sound. Punk parts can change to ska and back quickly.

Example bands:
Leftover Crack
Choking Victim
Morning Glory
Union Jack
No Ca$h
The Filaments
That crack rock steady beat is slammin' BOY!!
by STZA April 29, 2005
A genre of music that takes from rocksteady, punk, ska, reggae, and occasionally "Crust-core". CRS bands are mostly from the NY Squat scene.
Some CRS bands are:
Choking Victim
Leftover Crack
Morning Glory
Crack Rock Steady Seven
by stwzacrack May 24, 2004
A damn fine style of music which combines elements of hardcore, crust punk, ska and even to shit like gangster rap.the name comes from the old reggae offshoot, rocksteady, and the bands related with crack rock steady's enjoyment of smoking crack. Common lyric subject matter includes Atheism, hate of the police, the Vagrant Lifestyle and smoking crack.
if your interested, check out bands like: Leftover crack; choking victim; Morning Glory: crack rock steady 7 etc.
The Filaments and The Foamers aren't Crack Rock Steady. They are Brass Punk ^^^
by JAKOBJAKOBJAKOB September 28, 2007
a type of music that mixes ska, punk, and a squatta lifestyal. most lyrics include drinkin, squatting, smoking crack, killing cops and hopping trains.
bands: Choking Victim, Leftover Crack, LES Stiches

by lester bangs October 21, 2003
"The Crack Rock Steady 'family'.... Bands include Choking Victim, Crack Rock Steady 7, Leftover Crack, INDK and No Ca$h."

No-Ca$h has no members from the CRS7. They were an awesome band, but they were just LoC wannabes. Anyway, the singers new shit, called the "Mad Conductor" is awesome, its on myspace if u wanna listen.

Well the bands that have/had members of the
CRS7 are:
-Choking Victim
-Leftover Crack
-Crack Rock Steady 7 (they are actually LoC, changed their name for 1 record)
-Morning Glory
-American Distress

*Also the alternate drummer JP Otto is in Stockyard Stoics, and european drummer Candee is in the Antimaniax

if i'm missing anyone , someone please correct me.
There aint no such thing as Leftover Crack!
what rude boys listen to while smoking crack
leftover crack, choking victim
by ben December 06, 2003
Crack rocksteady is a crossover genre, including ska, punk, hardcore, and even ragga.
some crs bands are:
-Choking Victim
-Leftover Crack
-Crack Rock Steady 7

-Morning Glory
-American Distress

-Niño zombie
-The Infested
-No Cash
-The No Service Project
-No Commercial Values
-The Foamers

-Ctrl. Chubbs
and more.
crack rocksteady
by jipirasta13 July 11, 2009
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