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A slimy substance which can not only be found at any time of the month but for females during the week of torture and pain aka their period. When crack germs be mixed with period blood, bad shit be goin' down.
Heelll no I ain't chipping off yo brack germs wit ma teeth, i could get a disease!

Wow, ur crack germs and period blood combination sure does smell like a rotten carcus on a hot summer day..

Sista: Hey bro, wanna go swimming?
Brotha: Helll no sis, yo crack germs and period blood be attracting some big ass sharks!

Sista: Hey bro, wanna go for a midnight stroll in the dark woods?
Brotha: Helll no woman, yo deadly combination of crack germs and period blood gon' be attracting da bears around herre! I can smell your cunt from here lil sis!
by CREW February 03, 2005
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