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A person of unpleasant appearance (and usually odor) who does not neccesarily use crack cocaine, or any drug for that matter. Not to be confused with the home less or street crazies. A shopping cart excludes the person from being a crack bum if it is not filled with copper or other recyclable materials. Crack bums are usually spotted in populated business areas where there are few police officers. They are known for panhandling and mooching off of anyone they are acquainted with.(not the same thing as hippies, they have dreadlocks or pachuli) Having a home or at least a legal address does not exclude a person from being a crack bum.
Who is that dued bumming cigarettes and beers at the BBQ? I saw him the other day in front of 7-eleven wearing purple sweat pants and fake gators. He had a suede fedora from 1976. What a friggin crack bum.
by izdaica December 27, 2008
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