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cp coulter is the pen name for the author of the widely read Glee fanfiction "Dalton." It's main character is Kurt Hummel, who transferred to Dalton Academy in the "Furt" episode of glee but the story continues on a completey original path from that point onward. cp coulter has made over thirty original characters for Dalton and is known to the fandom and her characters as Mama CP.
Ex: cp coulter's fic is so amazing, I can't wait for her to update!
Ex: Have you read Dalton by cp coulter, yet?
Ex: I think cp coulter should get dalton made into a soap opera or have it published!
#cp coulter #dalton #jogan #klaine #rane #mama cp #glee #fanfiction #dalton academy #walrblers #kurt hummel #blaine anderson
by Just Doing Stuff XD December 09, 2011
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