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Saggy breasts that flop around a lot. Usually part of the package with a cougar.
That cougar had the worst cow tits I've ever seen
by squirrelly May 09, 2003
A term which originally referred to women with huge, ridiculous breasts. Now it is primarily used by weeaboo pedos to describe any woman that has reached puberty, as feminity intimidates them greatly. Finds frequent use on /a/ and other anime boards.
*one guy is showing another guy a picture of his family*

Guy A: That's my dad, and that's my brother Alex, and this is my daughter, she turns 11 next-

Guy B: OMG fucking cowtits, disgustiiiiing!!! *runs away*

Guy A: wtf
by capnbeyond April 30, 2010
pronounced Cow "teet" noun, proper noun, verb, adj.

1. slang for "Gordo Marin", of the infamous Bunyako Boy's Gang, located in Inland Empire.

2. A fat person wearing a wife beater, half asleep, eating chex mix, or other bag snack, with half his/her tits hanging out. His/her sleep eating, appears to look like a cow grazing.
Hey Cow Tit! wake up! time to go to the gym!
by LoS R.R. December 21, 2010

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