place to read poems while being discluded intentionally to concentrate
i will go to my cove so i can read
by Anonymous May 22, 2003
Top Definition
Meaning: pal or mate.
Mainly used by neds in some areas of scotland.
Fit ya sen cove?
Translated - what you saying mate
#cove #ned #chav #townie #mate #pal #sen #scotland.
by fekker July 10, 2008
A sham from Ballymena, hi
Thone cove's blades a weak reely doner sham
by Ta February 22, 2004
The coolest guy in the world.
That cove is the man.
by Big Joe October 22, 2003
A beautiful, wonderful, nay perfect even female genitalia. The area between a woman's thighs, warm and inviting, comforting even allowing one to remove themselves from the stresses of life for the duration of their stay.
I need some quality time in the Cove.
#the cove #coves #coov #kov #kovs
by DC_th1rt3en May 23, 2014
The coolest little town in Texas.
Hey, don't you live in Cove, the coolest little town in Texas?
#cove #texas #barbers hill #mont belvieu #baytown
by Spankaliciousness August 05, 2010
One of the most beautiful girls in the world. She is kind, loving, and can kick ass. Everyone loves to be around her and she loves to be around everyone. Any guy lucky enough for her to come into their life will fall in love with her at first sight.
Guy1: Bro, have you ever met cove?
Guy2: ya, shes amazing!
#beautiful #loving #funny #hot #amazing
by Blue Eyes1998 November 27, 2011
Word used to describe man whores. They are usually players or otherwise known as "a tease". They are insensitive and dont have balls to stay with one girl for long. They have a shit load of fake friends and are users.
Guy: Hey, your looking quite fine.
Me: Well thanks, wanna hook up?
*guy turns and starts flirting with other girls*
Me: Wow he is such a Cove
#man whore #douche #asshole #rude #arrogant
by Put'emInaDitch April 04, 2011
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