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Courtney daniels is a very rare character, she is extremely unique. She hates 2 faced bitches and rarely enjoys having friends. She is one of the most beautiful girls ever, inside and out. She is also a very insecure person who seems like she doesn't take offence to rude comments when really inside it tears her apart. All girls that know her get jealous of her at one point and claim to hate her then they wish to be friends again. However most girls in common just dislike her anyway because of the "I don't give a fuck about you or what you think" attitude she gives off. Courtney daniels has a very weird personality, she will keep you guessing and wondering. She pushes people away who start caring without even realising she's doing it. A very non-girly character too. She loves giving advice but can be self centered at times when she feels lost. A very confusing woman who loves doing all the wrong things at all the wrong times, if she is told to do something she will ignore and do the complete opposite, she cannot help it it's I'm her nature. Courtney cannot commit no matter how hard she tries. A woman who can depend on herself and doesn't rely on anyone other than herself. An extremely mesmerising human, with rather large eyes and mostly brunette.
Yeah that courtney daniels dudette has a pretty dang hot bod. Wishful thinking man.
by Lollypop90210 September 16, 2013

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