Counter strike is a First Person Shooter that includes moderate graphics and is on the pc
Guy 1: you wanna play COD?
Guy 2: Naaa i wanna Play Counter Strike
by SUPER_SHORTY!!!!!!!!!!! October 07, 2010
the funnest game ever. I just got it a week ago and i played 10 straight hours in one day.
this game is fucking awesome
i'm not even a gamer and i played counter strike 10 straight hours
by dakilabillafofilla July 26, 2006
a once great online FPS that has been overrun by cheaters, power happy admins and idiots. most of these people are between the ages of 10 and 13. counter-strike or cs for short used to be a great game requiring brains and quick reflexes but has been turned into one needing the best hacks you can get. VERY addicting despite its problems. if you have never played it before, dont play it, trust me it will fuck up your social life and turn you into a pasty white thin kid with acne and asthma.
If PCP was a computer game it would be CS
by name here October 11, 2004
One of the greatest FPS of all time, despite it's bad rep for hackers, 10 year olds and anonomous imature shit talkers. Alot of people dont like it because they dont have the skill and brains to play it so they would rather play easy, braindead games like Halo2. Then on Xbox live they run into even more cheaters, 10 year olds and immature, anonomous shit talkers.
Idiotic Xbox casual gamer- OMG wtf is up with all the hackers and 10 year olds playing Counter-Strike. Im already too simple minded to play this game and now I have to deal with THIS.

Me- Get over it. Theres hella cheaters that play Halo2 on Xbox live and dont even get me started on how many little kids play that shit.
by Skill and Tactics September 12, 2005
Counter Strike.....

The reason why most gamers are single!

Joanna: Hey baby, you wanna go to dinner and catch a movie?
Jack: No I can't I have to play counter strike.
Joanna: WTF! It's just a game!
Jake: It's a commitment! Be happy I don't play World of Warcraft.
Joanna: Fuck off
by hippitydippity April 11, 2009
the reason why this site has many terms such as "gg uninstall, owned, noob."
u know the game counter strike?

yea i hurd its the reason why so much ppl lose control in games
by dylan zheng October 03, 2007
Pretty kick ass game, as long as you don't get too hooked up on it.
Be a PUB god. (one who does not take the game seriously, only plays for fun.)
Treat it like old school UT.
Person1: Hey dude, wanna play some CS?
Person2: Sure man, lemme just get "persons 3-6" and we'll chill.
by d00d3r May 08, 2003
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