A first person shooter originally made by a man called Gooseman in 1999 as a modification to the game Half-Life. The game consists of two teams, the Counter-Terrorists and Terrorits. Each team purchases weapons at the start of a round and tries to either kill every member of the opposite team or complete an objective.
The game has become an extremely popular FPS over the years, and despite running on a 7 year old game, is still played by many people.

However, many people have hatreds toward the game because of it's popularity and will insult it given a moments notice. Even people who have not played the game or only played for a short amount of time have very biased opinions towards the game.
Despite what many people say, the game is very fun with a good community. There is a reason why it is so popular after all.
Counter-Strike: A Half-Life modification featuring two opposing teams in a semi-realistic environment.
by TheCommunistCow May 02, 2004
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Person 1: I can't lan with you guys this weekend, little accident where an axe went through my comp.
Person 2: Counter Strike?
Person 1: Yeah.
by MegaSpy2000 February 18, 2003
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Counter-strike was created by a man named gooseman who was a big fan of action quake and action quake II and wanted to see it brought to half-life. Even though a very crappy version of Action Half-life was made, CS remained the true succesor. It plays as counter-terrorists vs. terrorists and generally the objectives play as recover the hostages or plant the bomb.

Lately though there has been an overwhelming amount of hackers in the game who destroy it. Allthough when you find a good server it can be a very enjoyable game.
I am gonna go play some Counter strike tonight why dont you bring your PC and well make a lan party out of it
by FragUPlenty September 29, 2006
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An online multiplayer game that is addictive as crack to the average nerd.
My friend Joseph likes counter-strike more than women because he has no life.
by 0mG U 1Os3R I knoW u HacK August 10, 2004
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1. An online game where a massing of 13/14 years olds congregate to show off whose voice is developing quicker.
2. Game where if someone has a positive score in a match, he is spammed with clan invites from the shitties of Leaders.
3. An exciting online game where Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists give fight to eachother with characters wielding AK-47s and an undeveloped voice.
4. Those where the lifeless hang out and accuse eachother of having an aimbot and threatening to turn their programs on. They often whine to admin about this, asking for boots.. and votebans which everyone disregards. When they finally get two kills without dying, then die first on their team.. they throw 13 year old hissy fits and ridicule everyone on their team for a his death.. which came from stepping over his own grenade.
<Start of Counter Strike Match>
Kid one: Alright team, let's move out!
Kid two: Roger. Watch out for Zerging.
Kid one: Will do-- :: dies ::
Kid two: You alright?
Kid one: Does it look like I'm all right, fucker? I just fucking died you dipshit! WTF.. That fucker is aimbotting so fucking bad.. and look no one is fucking planting the bomb.. omfg..I hate this fucking game! FUCKING HACKERS!!1 I'm going ot turn my aimbot on and own them.
Kid two: I saw you chuck a grenade and flash yourself. You killded yourself.. =\
Kid one: Fuck this server. It's full of hackers. <Disconnected from Server>
by Louiecaca August 16, 2006
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Very addicting FPS that can be fun for hours. Easy to learn how to play and hardly ever gets boring
Damn I've played Counter Strike for 6 hours straight and I'm still havin fun
by SpunCrazyB July 08, 2003
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more addicting than crack. i hate it i love it. i love to hate it.
dick blisters
by martha March 31, 2003
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