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A game that Spiro and his counter strike buddies are obsessed with, and worship.
by Anonymous May 30, 2003
nothing more to say about this game except for the fact that is is for losers who have no m8s or penis's
who ever plays this game is a complete loser who shouldnt even be allowed to live
i gave up all my friends so that i could play counterstrike

i played counterstrike and look where it got me ( on his way to collect the dole)
by anonymous February 27, 2005
See Counter-Strike Source for my whole razing of CS. Just download Americas Army, its much more realistic, and its just as addictive. I play CS once and that was it, it freakin sucked. So play AA or get outside and get some fresh air ppl
Stop playing video games and get a life people!
by Bertish June 21, 2005
Another shitty first person shooter game that people can play. It looks boring and plain, just like any other stupid first person shooter game.
Why the fuck would I want to play counter-strike when I have suikoden 1-3?
by lunar shadows November 10, 2004