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the younger man who is with a older woman (cougar)
-OMGNESS Liz is such a cougar- shes dating a freshman.
-Yeah, but did you see how hott her couglet is? Well played, sister.

Ashton Kutcher was Demi Moore's couglet.
by elleeeeee beeeeeee March 15, 2012
A woman who, while not yet old enough to classify as a "cougar", feeds, vampire-like, off of youth culture and tries to surround herself with young people. This woman is a future cougar.
Did you see how Briana's mom tries to hang out with her so much. She thinks shes still 18. It's kinda creepy and sad...

Ugh, yeah...shes such a couglet. She'd be hot if she weren't trying so hard
by salaam_dune August 12, 2008
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