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One who does absolutely nothing in life but stay on a couch (not necessarily theirs) and surf the internet or watch tv (not necessarily their computer or their tv). Unlike porch monkeys, who are racially stereotyped, couch monkeys can be any gender, color, or sexual orientation. (There's no need for Randall to "take it back")
Derek: "Man, what does that girl Danielle do all day? She's 23, doesn't go to school, and only works 16 hours a week, if that"

Sunny: "I dunno dude, she's probably just a couch monkey"
by Double Mase June 25, 2010
A story that strings the audience along a long, long, long path with no punchline, esp. in discussion threads.

Rickroll of 2009.

Don't read that post -- it's a CouchMonkey!
by schnoober February 23, 2009
A person who camps out on the damn couch all the time complaining about why they can't work because of a disability, fucked up surgery, or whatever. Generally someone you have to put up to get something else.
Hey, I'm cruising by Scotty's for a sack, wanna come?

Nah, I know that John will be there...

C'mon it won't be that long...

Fuck that couch monkey. C-ya.
by mhibma April 26, 2006
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