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Couch tour is when a person with no home manages to have a roof over thier head every night they sleep. People who do the couch tour usually will stay with a different persons place every few days to a couple of weeks, and will mooch or freeload and annoy the host; until the host tells the person to "get the fuck out". People that typically do the couch tour have multiple substance abuse issues, lack interpersonal skills and can not hold down a job.
My friends brother is an alcaholic meth tweaker, who can't hold down a job. He has no pernament address and stays with whoever will put up with him. He is constantly staying at different places, basically he is doing the couch tour.
by Paul Della Valle August 26, 2004
aka couch surfing, bum ride, pulling a Henry Miller, relying on the kindness of strangers. A couch tour is a method of obtaining free room and board by which a person, often referred to as a couch surfer, freeloader, or house spook, overstays his welcome at a succession of homes, often mistakenly believing that his nonexistent charm earns him this right.
Brad maintains that he was the third roommate at the green house on Clifton, but Brian and Ali say he was simply doing a couch tour.
by T March 15, 2005
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