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Noun: A place of safety or refuge from social outcast, embarrassment, and ridicule constructed via cushion, fabric, and puffs; an inlet of refuge from post-intoxication induced stupidity and promiscuity; the vessel in which one watches horror films, psychological thrillers, or consumes the Domino's pizza (occasionally by the grace of sirmarmasir, all 3 at a time).
"Yo gypsy, you think you're in couch safety right now? You're not - get back to the frialator and don't be stealing no McNuggets!"

"Judy enveloped herself in the swaft of couch safety and began her on-demand rental of 'The Ruins'...'Ah' she thought to herself, 'what a perfect Sunday afternoon'."
by SirMarmASir May 02, 2012
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