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a very mean woman that lays on the couch all day every day and screams at the top of her lungs for people passing to do stuff for her or just to make noise.This is a very dangerous beast to keep in a house hold they susstain themselves off of making every one around them miserable,and is sometimes known to attack even pets. the king of the couch monsters is marryed to origen and relies on him for every thing except sex
as i was walking by the couch the couch monster attacked me for the remote so she could watch geroldo's special on mateing ant colonys because she didnt like to watch monday night football
by origen August 29, 2006
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A female college freshman who fucks numerous members of the rugby team on the couch in the rugby house, couches in Sophomore dorms, or just straight up raw dawgs on the couch.
Yo, Garbage Dick just got Couch Monstered in Hitchcock!

Yo, Joe just got caught by the couch monster!
by Joey Peanuts March 09, 2009
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an overweight, lazy, typically jewish friend who constantly passes out on friends, family and co-workers couches at any time; mid-day, evening and latenight.
look at jon, drooling on himself with his hand down his pants - completely disregarding the fact that it's noon on Saturday - damn Couch Monster.
by beeebrown February 16, 2009
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