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upper-middle class town in montreal, quebec

aka cote-st-jew cause everyone is jewish

there are 3 types of cote-st-luc girls:
-the rich JAPs who are prude and goody goodies

-the rich JAPs who are sluts and use their daddy's money to do badass shit

-the semi-rich girls (not always JAPs) who dont hang out in cote-saint-luc, just live there, are in between good and bad

the richest streets are chopin, beethoven, brandeis, ashkelon where all the japs live
im going to cote st luc today!

-oh, to shop with the prude japs at cavendish mall? or to smoke weed with the slut japs at pierre-eliott trudeau park?

both baby both!!
by littlemissunshine March 27, 2010

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