A variation of "g*d damn" used in the south to preserve the impact and vulgarity of the phrase without blaspheming the Lord's name.
Cot damn, that bullet hurts!
by Lenny R. July 18, 2005
same as "god damn!"
by Neven Mrgan January 18, 2003
you know it's slang for 'God Damn'. If you don't you must be cotdamn stoopid.
Cotdamn!!! Did anyone else see Questo from the Roots crew killin the drums on Late Night?
by krezdarula July 27, 2010
slang for "god damn" used in streesfull positions or in humor. never used in a rich persons house hold. never used while wearing a blue jacket, and only used by men with 8 inch cocks or longer
Cot Damn! all the niggas wanted money.

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