Cosplayers that develop an ego toward their achievements, and act as if there is no one better than themselves. They often criticize others costumes heavily, and don't have much to speak for with their own work.
"Rain is a serious cosplop the way she criticizes everyone else's work, but has nothing to show for it herself."
by Angela Costello February 19, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who participates in cosplay, but is very poor at it.

A poor attempt at cosplay.
A person known for poor cosplay.
A poorly made cosplay costume.
A poorly performed cosplay skit.
Combination of the words cosplay and plop
That Trunks costume that KickFag made is a real cosplop.
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003
Someone who participates in cosplay who smells bad.
Derek is the most rancid cosplop I have ever seen.
by Larry Santello January 15, 2003
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