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the term Corrigan'd (Cor/ri/gand) is past tense and it refers to the concept of one individual (or group of individuals) being outwitted by cunning or skill from another singular person (aka a Corrigan). Fundamental to the definition of being Corrigan'd is two important notions, which must be evident .Firstly, the recipient(s) must be unaware they are being Corrigan'd. If at any point during the process (however long that takes) one or more persons become aware they are in the process of being Corrigan'd then the term is NOT Corrigan but instead a far lesser term know as 'blagged'. Secondly, and most importantly, the recipient(s) receiving the potential Corrigan will in turn profit from being Corrigan'd either intrinsically or extrinsically. This supports the notion that a Corrigan has zero malice and essentially they have the best interest of the person(s) they are attempting to Corrigan. furthermore If any attempt to achieve solo profit from the perpetrator then this is not a Corrigan, but it is important to note that a person performing a 'Corrigan' can profit in some shape or form as long as their subjects have too - this profit does not have to be equal to all parties involved, but good practice and ethics suggest it should.
inviting your friends round for a supposed normal evening only to 'Corrigan' them into attending an illegal scum-tech party which you want to go to at some distant location. the Corrigan element is that they are convinced this was a majority decision, but in reality wasn't, but more importantly when all involved look back it was the best dam night out they have ever been on....FACT. X BOOM - Corrigan'd!!
by jonbonon October 26, 2011

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