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The title of a rare Guns N' Roses song off a compilation of rare GN'R songs traded around the internet on an album called Stick It In. Such song features Axl Rose talking about a girl who likes anal sex.
"She's a cornshucker.
a real buttfucker,
gotta wash my dick
after she makes me buttfuck her"
by Axl 'Brendan' Weiland February 03, 2008
Someone who is talented at giving hand jobs.
Your girlfriend is a great corn shucker, I never came so fast before
by J Heezy December 14, 2006
The technical term for a Homosexual Farmer
"Hey Bill, are there any Corn Shuckers on farmers only?"
by Smiffle August 25, 2015
kids that love their big ass lifted trucks and their "tech" boots
Hey! Look at that damn corn shucker acting like we give a shit about his ford
by potatoflewaroundtheroom December 02, 2014
When a female takes a cob of corn and puts it in and out of her vaging (masturbating), in a shucking motion.
Julie: Last night I didnt have anything else to masturbate with... Now I guess Im a Corn Shucker;)
April: What the fuck..
by SwagtasticMuthufukkah September 02, 2012
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