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The title of a rare Guns N' Roses song off a compilation of rare GN'R songs traded around the internet on an album called Stick It In. Such song features Axl Rose talking about a girl who likes anal sex.
"She's a cornshucker.
a real buttfucker,
gotta wash my dick
after she makes me buttfuck her"
by Axl 'Brendan' Weiland February 03, 2008
Someone who is talented at giving hand jobs.
Your girlfriend is a great corn shucker, I never came so fast before
by J Heezy December 14, 2006
When a female takes a cob of corn and puts it in and out of her vaging (masturbating), in a shucking motion.
Julie: Last night I didnt have anything else to masturbate with... Now I guess Im a Corn Shucker;)
April: What the fuck..
by SwagtasticMuthufukkah September 02, 2012