Your ass's virginity.
Guy 1: you stole my cornbread
Guy 2: what are you talking about you stole mine too.
by The brat ass November 01, 2008
someone who was concieved during an act of cornholing.cornhole
The sperm entered through the anus and traveled to the egg.
Must see definition of cornhole, cornholing.
Man, that dude is so ugly he must have been Corn Bread!
The neighbours kid is such a shitty little brat, she must have been Corn Bread!
by kanimal May 22, 2007
A pasty ass white person!
Why is he acting like he is black, he is a corn bread honkey.
by The t September 13, 2006
your ass's virginity
If you go to jail, you will most likely lose your cornbread
by max April 07, 2004
1) The most incredibly perfect substance on the Planet

2) The substance of which God is made of
.....mmmmmmmmmmmm..........corn bread......mmmmmmmmmm........
by Adfectio June 06, 2005
Usually refers to any person born in any of the following states:
1) Alabama
2) Mississippi
3) Georgia
4) Kentucky
5) North Carolina
6) South Carolina
7) Tennessee
I saw a cornbread in Manhattan. He couldn't believe how tall the buildings were.
by Pee in the park May 31, 2005
A message board or forum user who pretends he is black; usually a white kid.
Wow, that's a real Cornbread of a move you've made there... Why pretend?
by GS999 October 10, 2006

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