1.A fucking guy who walks down the street grilling You when he's with his punk ass crew, but when he's by himself he doesn't look Your way.

2.A fucking guy who calls his little ordinary ass girlfriend up throughout the day asking her "where you at?",
"Baby,who you chillin with?"
1. That cornball allways grillin!

2. This cornball is strait pussy-whipped!
by Starlo Dulcia July 28, 2004
A wacked out name that my friend made. (I don't know why) It apperently means that that person is dumb uncool retard.
Bob: Oh......2+2=22
Jhon: You're a Cornball.
by Killha March 11, 2005
a lame ass mofo whos name is korina
look @ dis cornball tryin 2 b me
by brooklyn November 14, 2003
fuckin faget ass bitch
ass hole
that cats a cornball look at his kicks
by peter May 05, 2003

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