Another term for "hush puppies", a fried corn bread side order that is shaped like a sphere. (more country than urban)
Pass me some more corn balls Paw!
by Ben Quadinaros August 16, 2005
a person who is not popular, looks and dresses like a dork, has book smart and no street smarts, and aslo does not keep it gangsta.
that kid with the big ass book bag and the glass is a fucking cornball
by kareem Roberts September 28, 2005
Its that dumbass motherfucker that says stupid ass shit and acts like a moron... STOP DOIN THAT! U AINT GOT NO FRIENDS GO HOME!
Fuck that nigga hes a cornball he still thinks pac is alive. THAT NIGGA IS DEAD. PUFF SHOT HIM. THATS REAL.
by PSXy April 13, 2005
A cornball is basically, the new geek. Just like a nerd used to be a lame but a geek was just completely off the scale lame. Now a geek or computer geek is someone who highly educated, usually through personal experience rather than actual institution education, in common computer softeware and the internet in general. He or she more often than not will also repair PCs. Pirately tendencies also usually apply.

This definition does not encompass cornballs in total. There are many varieties and sometimes a cornball IS a lame. Examples are shown below.
Napolean Dynamite
Ashy Larry
Michael Scott
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
Dwight Schrup
Police (Definitely - all the wrong things)
The 40 Year old Virgin
Charlie - Me, Myself and Irene
by Beezy25 April 29, 2009
coming from the word corn(y), a cornball is like a country bumpkin or dimwitted person such as a redneck; having to do with activities of such people.
The current president of the U.S. is a cornball. G. W. Bush invented the notion of WMDs in Iraq because he just wanted to have a war during his administration. To say Iraqis were freedom-hungry and that the USA was spreading freedom are cornball excuses for going to war.
by Richard Black April 13, 2005
Cornball, v. To have sex with someone from Nebraska.
Hey, you're a husker from Nebraska.
Wanna cornball?
A wrestling technique that involves giving a thumbs up to the opponents anus. May or may not involve a winding up motion.
Ponch decided it was time the match had ended and administered the cornball to his opponent.
by hooka January 11, 2005
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