A shortened version of the word cornhole
"I stuck it in your mom's corn."
by jim bob krew September 20, 2004
The best food on the face of the earth, although it has no nutritional value.
Corn is teh best thing in teh world!!!!!!
by Sniperm0n May 30, 2007
Derived from house party talk at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. A chick that's so hot you'd eat the corn out of her crap.
"Hey guys, see that girl over there? She is so corn."
by Nate Valentine November 03, 2006
A device used to measure a penis.

creamed corn
I was surprised when i saw he used so much corn.
by AMEEEE October 14, 2006
a very yummy golden yellow vegetable that can cause the poo
yummy corn is good for my tummy
by jimsonisgod September 08, 2005
gay sex. no, seriously, that's what it means.
corn. think about it.
by sdfse3 April 02, 2005
A new card game played in Northeast PA involving mutated vegetables, dinners, and general foods. Based on Magic: The Gathering.
Person A: Wanna go play corn cause we have no life?
Person B: OMFG! CHURE!
Kroth: Fuck you all.
by Kroth February 11, 2004
an evil doctor named Tomomi
Evil Dr. Corn I'm out to get you!
by migosho! February 25, 2003

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