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A shortened version of the word cornhole
"I stuck it in your mom's corn."
by jim bob krew September 20, 2004
7 18
Corn - Another term for pussy.
Dude: Man, I could kill for some corn right about now.
by LaClown September 01, 2008
2 12
A term used to mean Goodbye, or Later
1: Ok man I'll talk to you later
2: Corn.
by Jawndice December 15, 2007
1 11
Derived from house party talk at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. A chick that's so hot you'd eat the corn out of her crap.
"Hey guys, see that girl over there? She is so corn."
by Nate Valentine November 03, 2006
3 13
gay sex. no, seriously, that's what it means.
corn. think about it.
by sdfse3 April 02, 2005
3 13
A new card game played in Northeast PA involving mutated vegetables, dinners, and general foods. Based on Magic: The Gathering.
Person A: Wanna go play corn cause we have no life?
Person B: OMFG! CHURE!
Kroth: Fuck you all.
by Kroth February 11, 2004
1 11
an evil doctor named Tomomi
Evil Dr. Corn I'm out to get you!
by migosho! February 25, 2003
2 12
Northern San Francisco Bay Area slang term for Mexican migrant workers.

The fucking corn stole my taco again!
by LoveIreland August 11, 2008
13 24