An adjective meaning full of yourself. Yes. A word finally rhymes with orange.
Stop being so corange! You only beat easy mode on Guitar Hero! Talk to me when you beat Expert you Self Conceided Prick...
by Jesus M. Christ November 25, 2007
Top Definition
corange is a kind of color (colour).
it's a mixed color of coral and orange
person A: Hey! What do you call the color of your room?
person B: It's Corange!

a bit of coral color & orange :)
by ehiah21 December 23, 2009
To blast loud music.

Other tenses:

v. coranged
To have blasted loud music

v. coranging
To be currently blasting loud music

Created by Kayla A, 1995, IL
Let's corange Fall Out Boy!

I coranged Fall Out Boy, but my parents made me turn it down.

I'm coranging Fall Out Boy!
by codelyoko193 October 13, 2007
A soiled toilet seat.
Awww, Maria didn't clean that corange...
by V-SLAM August 22, 2008
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