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"Cop killers" are a type of bullet that can penetrate a police officer's body armor -- for example, a Kevlar vest. Cop-killer bullets have a stronger casing and a smaller bursting charge than regular bullets. Regular bullets are made of lead, which is considered a soft metal. Cop-killer bullets are made from stronger metals such as brass, steel, beryllium copper and iron. Cop-killer bullets are illegal for civilians to own, use or sell in most countries, including the United States and Canada.
The 38-year-old police officer was shot and killed with cop-killer bullets, better known on the street as cop killers. Authorities do not know how the suspect in the murder obtained the illegal ammunition.
by Johnny Z. Styles May 14, 2010
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Someone who steals the life of a police officer.
Cop killers belong in jail.
by JLK2707 November 23, 2013
A Natty light
Bros unite, get rowdy and drink some fucking cop killers!
by Porcupine Cup May 21, 2010
Aviator sunglasses. So named because of police officer's propensity to wear this style.
Dude, those cop killers are grossly oversized, they're bigger than your face.
by Bearskin October 12, 2005

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