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A cop apologist is a person, usually a Statist, who, no matter what a cop does, no matter how bad and unreasonable their actions are. A cop apologist will defend their actions no matter what. They, like cops themselves, think that the police are royalty and above the law and they think that cops should be able to do whatever they want no matter what the situation is. They also think that people should just comply to cops or whatever even though people are not obligated to. They also think it's bad for people to stand up for their rights to a cop even though they have every right to do so.
Regular person: That cop just shot a kid while the kid was holding a Wii remote.

Cop apologist: That Wii remote could have been a gun, I think the cop's action is justified.

Regular person: Really? If you can't tell the difference between a Wii remote and a gun, you must be mentally retarded or a special kind of stupid and shouldn't even be a cop.
by Paperplates2 March 07, 2014
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