to kick a female in the cooter.
"After she slapped me i gave her a good coot boot."
by Fenske2009 February 19, 2009
Top Definition
See cunt punt

Just slightly less profane.
Mike- Hey Jim, this girl was being a total bitch. I was this close to cunt punting her!
Jim- Yo man, you can't say that, my kid sister is right here!
Mike- Oh, sorry. I mean I was about to coot boot the slut.
by Andrew + Kevin October 26, 2008
v. To deny sex and expel from sleeping quarters, having led someone on.

n. The act of such a denial and expulsion.
Man, I was making out with him on his bed and then out of nowhere he cootbooted me!
by Cooterbooter February 17, 2010
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