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Used in many games to get the "coords" of a person based on location.
What are the coords for Swamp Lands?
by Soljia March 03, 2005

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Coordination. The act of doing something simultaneously with someone else so that productivity is not lost
"I need to dry teh hair"
"Well I need to eat dinner"
"Let's do both so we don't miss talking to one another"
by F3 Bassist January 25, 2006
It's being ice'd, just a little less gay.

When a person is presented with a coors beer and must immediately chug said beer regardless of an aversion to alcohol or any other inconvenient circumstance.
Rea: "Yo did you get the coors from the beerstore?"

Colin: "Yea."

Rea: "Good, Levy's getting fuckin' coor'd."
by Broughmen August 23, 2011