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To pick up an item that is not yours and look at it or examine it. Possibly to handle and examine an item without thinking of buying it. This word maybe a racist word. I don't know. But the word "coon" is a racist word meaning African-American people. I don't know if coonfinger refers to African-Americans in any sort of way.
I make about $34,000 a year. Me and my friend went into a Watch store. We could't afford any of the $50,000 watches, so we decided to coonfinger the watches just for fun.
by the Eastah Bunny March 24, 2007
8 9
Refers to RACCOONS, nothing at all racist about it. They pick up anything and everything, turn it over and over, looking at it , trying to decide whether to wash it or eat it, or both.
Holly, put that down, get over here, and stop coonfingering everything.
by silvertooth July 02, 2011
21 1
to touch someone elses food;

handling food like a racoon
i would eat my sandwich but billy fuckin' coon fingered it!
by $haneMFW August 22, 2007
19 7