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A white woman who dates, has dated, has sex with, or has had sex with a black man. Damaged goods. See: Mud Shark.
"Man, Brittany is HOT!"

"Ew, no. She's such a coon dog."


"Yeah. It's a shame."

by TarHeel Beau December 30, 2007
A cross between a sneaky racoon and a ugly dog. used when describing someone that is sinister and ugly. although this is the base difinition for the word it can also describe other qualities from either a racoon or dog such as smelly, dirty, sly, etc.
"Hey, I saw that! you sneaky coon-dog you."
"how could you!? your a little dirty coon-dog"
by BiG RayII May 07, 2009
A redneck chump unsuspecting to his levels of redneckedness
Spencer you're a lil coondog you done swallowed all yer dip!
by snickklefriitz September 21, 2008
1. one who fishes the skagit river system and targets federally protected fish more specifically dolly varden trout and posts his carnage reports in online fishing forums.
2. a nickname for a fishing buddy
1. I cant believe that coondog actually kept all of those dollies.

2. Yo whats up coondog you ready to hit the river?
by Matt March 20, 2006
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