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A vehicle used by abo's to get from their dilapidated government housing to the nearest servo so they can attempt to steal some petrol to chrome on. Usually takes the form of an old Ford Falcon or equally worthless car. Coon chariots often have many home made attachments which are thort to add value to a already worthless piece of shit.
White man 1: Oi u see those abos overe there. Prolly looking for some young kids to rape in the back of their coon chariot.
White man 2: Nah mate its friday, they are on the way to the dole office then onto the bottolo to get some abo's handbags.
White man 1: Why dont u fuck off back to your humpy ya fuckin coon.
Abo: Fuck you brada, ima go chrome on petrol while my father rapes my daughter.
by bazzaa August 05, 2007
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