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Commonly practiced in the town of Arkansas in Wisconsin, this is the sport of going out into a field at night, eating cheese and drinking beer, and subsequently drive around in a big truck with a spotlight and beat and kill raccoons.
Nick: So what do you people do for fun in Arkansas, Wisconsin?
Alex: We go coon bashing on warm summer nights and solicit prostitutes afterward.
by Inva Derbo Ots September 29, 2006
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coon bashing: driving around with your friends out in the country at night, looking for eye glare. when you see the eyes you pull up and everyone jumps out and uses their coon bashing sticks (golf clubs, baseball bats..) and beats the piss out of the coon. then you pick it up and throw it in the back of the truck (to tally up at the end of the night, mostly because your not going to remember most of it thanks to milwaukee's best) and go find another one
Isnt wisconsin boring? what do you boys do for fun?

well we usually grab out gear and a 30 pack and go coon bashing.
by RV broski May 25, 2008
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