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Anyone driving around in a shit piece that thinks its cool. Also any person at a bar, mall, or pretty much anywhere whos acting tough or cool to get attention.
Yo, check out that cooleybird in the mazda, "HOPE YA GET IN AN ACCIDENT DUDE!"

Ha, check out that cooleybird tossin some game to that bitch by the bar, he doesnt mean what hes saying right now, ima go over and punch him. Thats whats up.
by Cordizzle January 13, 2008
Someone who thinks they are awesome when in all actuality they are not, and when they talk all you hear is something that might as well be "caw"ing.
look at that motherfucker driving around in his 1989 rusted out camaro with t-tops rocking out to led zepplin what a cooleybird

look at that homo in his black eclipse with an ear ring in his ear and driving with his sunglasses on at it's not Cory Hart it's a cooleybird
by J-man52 May 04, 2005
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