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The single best flavor of ice cream in existance, hands down. If you don't have some at home, go buy some at the grocery store at this very moment and purchase a small portion of ecstacy.
"I almost wished I was dead, but I had a bowl of cookie dough ice cream and my will to live was renewed."
by Sesshy December 06, 2004
A completely delicious substance that society prohibits us to bring to gatherings raw, so we are forced to bake it, therefore decreasing its deliciousness
Person 1: Cookie dough is far better than baked cookies
Person 2: Damn straight
God's greatest gift.
I wish I hadn't gotten my iTouch for Christmas. I would've rather settled with 1,000 gallons of cookie dough. (:
by omgliz July 17, 2008
Someone under the legal age of consent.
Guy1: Yo that chicks fine but she's cookie dough!
Guy2: Yep, fun to eat and spread on a sheet, but she aint done yet.
by Aeacus Letum November 16, 2005
the affect of an overweight girl wearing a tube top that is too small, like muffin top on both top and bottom of the shirt, like when you squeeze a tube of cookie dough in the middle.
ugh, that girl totally has cookie dough pushing out of both sides
by ERNIEandJESSE July 21, 2009
A sly term for marijuana. Also relates to the action of getting baked.
stoner 1: "Hey you wanna go bake some cookies?"
stoner 2: "Yeah, i got the cookie dough"
by one last dance with maryjane July 20, 2010
When two guys are grinding on either side of a girl.
Jeremiah: Hey, she's cute. Let's cookie dough that hoe!
Jean-Luc: YEAH! Hey that sounds like a cool idea for a rap...
by Purple (in the Mafia) November 18, 2012
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