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A delicious chocolatey cookie cereal
At first you taste the chocolate, then you taste the cookie, then the crisp, then the corn.
by Anne February 09, 2004
A type of wedgie where you shove a cookie down the back of someone's underwear and when you pull them up the cookie breaks in half and all the crumbs go down the victim's asshole.
We gave Adam a cookie crisp.
by terrets guy December 08, 2009
The equivalent of trix with a wolf instead of the rabbit. Appears in kids magazines once a month at least
If I could just get my hands on that Coo-ooo-kie Crisp!
by TinTower May 06, 2004
Dark little round cookie crisp cereal sized nipples.
Once I seen caits tits i just wanted to bite them little cookie crisp nipples.
by BPop November 07, 2012
cookie crisp is when your in a moment of total boredom with the opposite sex, you then partake in the cookie crisp dance. the male puts his legs between the legs of the female and sways. the idea is that the man looks like a total bad man with his wife. the lyrics of the song are as goes.
" cookie crisp all up in here, cookie crisp all up in here, cookie crisp all up in here, my cookie crisp all up in here. a my cookie my cookie my cookie crisp all up in here" and so on...
This dance is best performed infront of a mirror.
on a rainy/thundery, cold day. when there's nothing better to do then say 'hey lets do the cookie crisp dance'
by EssDec August 12, 2010
The act preformed during intercourse when the male pulls out of the vagina before orgasm and releases his sperm on the womans face accompanied by a quick turn-around and immediate emmitance of explosive diarrhea all over the woman.
Poor Jane got the cookie crisp right after Mexican night.

"Yo man, whaddya do last night?"
by Mrfundays October 22, 2005
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