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A cookie (adjective) is a title given to a person who so random, insane and awesomely cute he has to be named a cookie.
Or: hi tilly whats up, holyshit <3
Tilly: Omg! you're so cookie!
by Meawmeaw March 27, 2010
a mark left after a fight usually from a punch to the eye:a black eye
person 1:yo did u just see that fight?
person 2:yea man, she left the mean cookie that gurl's eye!!!
by double stuff June 19, 2008
A racial term for Indian people.
what a smart cookie...
that choclate chip cookie needs to stop acting black...
by husang December 21, 2007
a derrogatory term for the use of cookie imlplies it self as the word... pussy or vagina... at most it can be made to make fun of someone or to get a laugh at most
guy: hey sugah lets go gets some of them grandma cookie
sugah" wtf !!! stupid i want black cookies not grandma... get it right!!!
by the lil jon shit 2 September 21, 2010
used as a verb, to "cookie" somebody is to replicate a task or trick performed by another person, but better. the term is usually used in skating, skate boarding, and snowboarding. by cookieing someone, you are effectively showing them up. if after telling someone youll cookie them, but fail at the task, your roll in the activity becomes that of the bitch, and vice versa if performed well.
skater one performs tre flip poorly

skater two: ill cookie your tre
skater two performs tre flip well
by headynugs January 01, 2010
A cookie is the bestest thing ever to come to earth.
Joe-Is that a cookie?
Joe-Fine, but be careful. Dont wreck the best thing ever.
by cookiemonster1618 June 10, 2008
the guy at the pub who after you've spent a whole night talking to a girl, buying her drinks etc etc he walks up and she is more interested in him.....
the "cookie" is especially bad when the 2 guys in questions are mates and the "cookie" cant disclose further text messaging after the night.....
by FLANO April 16, 2008
it means cool, preety much
in ur own way
wubbzy:all i have is this cookie tail.
walden: we all have a cookie part of us, were all different.
by killmagnet April 11, 2008