A cookie (adjective) is a title given to a person who so random, insane and awesomely cute he has to be named a cookie.
Or: hi tilly whats up, holyshit <3
Tilly: Omg! you're so cookie!
by Meawmeaw March 27, 2010
The females vaginal system depending on race. Ex. Fortune cookie-spanish, asian, etc. Chocolate cookie-black or indian with a good suntan. Macadamia- White
For a white girl, I sure have one tasty macadamia cookie.
by Kristen Nikole May 24, 2005
A contraction of "cool" and "okie". Here "okie" means "okay". Rarely used but exist on the Internet.

Usually used to express that a given situation is of no concern.
L33tboi: Be right back guys, my bro just walked in with our new Playstation 2. ;)
GeneralKazoo: Cookie, commander. =D
Minibowzor: Woah woah woah, not leaving the game, are we?


A: Sure we won't have to pull out?
B: Nah, it's all cookies.
by Lazareth Link February 10, 2005
A game played in public schools where a cookie of any kind is stolen from the cafeteria. The cookie is then placed under the thing that seperates two urinals. Two boys then pee on the cookie. The first one to stop peeing has to eat the cookie. Money is usually placed on the two contestants.
Theres supposed to be a good cookie match after third hour.
by Kein Mitlied Fer Die Merheit December 17, 2002
ill take yo cookies.
by lil'e September 03, 2003
The lower form of crookies.
Do you have any crookies?
No, but I have cookies!
Fuck you bitch! *stab
by john July 14, 2003
the sexual pleasure given to the passenger of a emo drivin car..
Bici: i hit the sign with a runt keva, when am i gonna get my cookie?..
Keva: when we get home..
by Keva November 02, 2004
what stupid people like emma! eat, also found in yo momma's cookie jar
Who the hell ate my cookie? i bet it was EMMA!
by Skip John June 26, 2005

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