Slang term: Describing the old condition of somebody's shoes or clothing.
You been rocking those AirMax kicks for a year. Them shits is cooked!
by GabberNYC December 14, 2006
An Australian term for someone who chuffed a durry so hard they experience a nicotine high and get all fucked up.
Good on the silly bastard trying to get a light for a wet fag. Daft cunt's already fucking cooked!

Pollys so cooked he can't even hold the dart in his mouth properly the fucker, want a cracker you mad cunt
by nullboy June 01, 2016
To get insulted or made fun of by another person. If they get support from bystanders or a viewing audience then it is extra effective, whether the insults are true or not.

Shoes are a typical target for "cookings".

blazed, riffed, insulted
Cooker"Hey you bought those ugly ass shoes at once upon a child!"

the Cooked "What ?"

Cook watchers"OHHHH you just got cooked !"
by vibraphone July 07, 2010
To insult or make fun of a physical feature, may it be clothing, your face or body parts.
Irby, yo ugly ass jus got cooked up sumin' nice biatch
by Zarin August 27, 2008
1. A slang phrase used to describe someone out of the ordinary

2. Someone especially violent
1. Some cooked man ran up to us earlier and showed us his purple headed custard chucker

2. I wouldn't stare at him, hes cooked
by Dr Dock December 01, 2003
1.Cocaine that has been converted from cocaine hydrochloride to cocaine base.
2. Crack cocaine
3. hard; rock
I was lookin' for raw, but my boy only had cooked.

What's the comeback on that cooked shit?
by five-o-killa April 11, 2006
Anything terribly bad.
That movie was all cooked!
by SithlordDarthRPG August 28, 2003
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