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To shit, poop, crap, dump, pinch a loaf, drop deuce, defecated, take a dump, go number 2, do dookie, take a shit, drop a load, drop the kids off at the pool, shart, take the browns to the superbowl, blast a dookie, spray mud, hershey squirts, upper decker, tussle with the toilet, shitting, do a deuce nugget, burn a mule, battling the brown juggernaut, brawl with the bowl, pitch a loaf, do doo doo, juggernaut runs... Usually soft.

This occurs when one has a viral infection, when one is under excessive mental stress, or when one eats too much greasy fast-food.
{John} Dude, what took you so long??
{Bill} I cooked a pudding. :-3

Sorry I was late. I was cooking pudding all morning.

{Jack} Hey, Jill... Wanna mess around?
{Jill} Sure... But give me ten minutes. I have to go cook some pudding first.
by Dodqe September 22, 2010
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