Badger or a high-pitched greeting, derived from a cooie's mother's call of urination in a sand dune near-by
Likes to drink red-bull, snack on demi-baguettes and have anal on frequent occasions
A Babushka or something that likes to expose ones self to many people of close proximity, which is a cooie on a good day
On bad days it may retreat to its hut or abuse a duck
by Amyee May 06, 2008
Top Definition
A Greeting to say hello, normally said in a high pitched voice. Pronounced (Coo - e)
Person1: Cooiee (waves)
Person2: Hey there !
by The Inventer of the Word Cooie August 21, 2009
plural: cooies
singular: cooie
possessive: cooie's

Everything you ever wanted and more, they are also have a very high temper and may burst at any moment, and are prone to violence when they are very stressed and typically very dumb, so dont expect what you want from it
Boy: I need to find a cooie
Girl: Why?
Boy: Because it's magical and I can do whatever i want with it
Girl: Be careful what you make it do, you know how hot tempered they can be
by GearHead88 December 12, 2008
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