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excitement, and or something good
you won 50,000 cood!
by sweetsincere May 12, 2009
When you can't decide if you wanna say cool or good, so you say cood
guy 1: "omg sorry"
guy 2: "its fine"
guy 1: "ok cood"
by jdcblajdbaiduch May 25, 2015
Adjective: sweet. (cool+good)
How was the party man?
It was cood.
by Ohhkasia October 03, 2008
An exceptionally spectacular summer holiday involving a group of friends (usually 'the boys', and generally a road/camping/fishing trip)
"Bro, this summer will be a cood one!" "Yeah, i'm gonna slay some huge snaps"
by Mookabye June 26, 2011
Frequently said by people experiencing loopy, silly fits of laughter, "Cood" is simply Food with a C. And that's what's so funny!

Also can be used to describe skeevy, grody, dodgy, or otherwise distasteful things.
Girl: Ahahahaha!! Cood! It's like food, with a C!!! Ahahahah!!!

Jim: That girl was all over me last night. What a coody girl. Yeeeechhhh.
by ImTall June 07, 2010
to slap another person with the top of the hand and the and then come back with the palm of the hand in a fast instantaneous motion.
you better shut your mouth before u get cood.

by Auty and trouty pants April 23, 2009
The kids that go door to door selling cookies for their school of for a club there are in.
Kendra: "who's at the door?"
Jordan: "man it's just another cood"
Kendra: "those things just won't leave us alone"
by xhelloseattlee April 25, 2010
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