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when a female smears bright pink lipstick all over her meatflaps, then smacks a big wet kiss on a man's cheek, leaving lipmarks.
hey, this kinky bitch gave me a cooch smooch last night. afterwards my buddies thought i just got a wet kiss from my grandma.
by dizzle pie June 19, 2005
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1. Cunnilingus
2. Oral stimulation of the vagina.
I need a coochsmooch and a mojito!
by Mower B-12 January 06, 2008
The female equivalent of "tea bagging".

I.E. - Celebratory Crouching
That female Spartan just cooch smooched my face!
by biomed_queen September 27, 2010
A female's version of a teabag. Consists of a female crouching over someone's face and moving up and down over them. -Usually used as an insult, especially in video games.
He is a jerk, make sure to cooch smooch him when you kill him.
by Miss Tracey xox April 14, 2011

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