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A very fat vagina.
Sammi: You look like you have a dick in those shorts.

Paige: No thats just my cooch puff.
#cooch #twat #pussy #manhole #clam
by luna brown November 22, 2011
the puffy flap of skin that covers a woman's pelvic bone. It is highly visible on obese women wearing sweatpants or loose fitting bottoms. It has been known to make a woman look as though she has a penis or a small fanny pack in her pants.
"Hey, did you see the cooch puff on that chick, I bet you could lift it up and find critters living in there"
#flap #puss flap #cooch lump #pooch #marshmallow puff #muffin top
by J to tha Izzo January 30, 2006
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