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One who jumps into a conversation un-invited, often for attention.
George: "Hey, you see the game last night?"
Justin:"Yea, it was-

Kyle is a conversation hijacker.
by Georgey A. March 16, 2008
Noun - one who overhears your conversation and inserts their own personal thoughts into said conversation without invitation. Often the hi-jacker's words will have no relevance to your conversation and has only served to take said conversation on a 20 minute tangent to nowhere.

Verbal piracy at its apex, bringing your conversation to its nadir.
"So I was discussing the bar scene at my alma-mater with Jen when Elle hi-jacked our conversation and we ended up talking about brownies for twenty minutes. Dammit."
-"Bro she is a conversation hi-jacker, you gotta be careful."
by Jackson Hall December 30, 2008
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