What you say when you want to close an unwellcome and unpleasant vision in your head; for example, when your parents talk about sex.
Mom! Seriously! Control alt delete!
by Thechevan July 12, 2011
Top Definition
How to shut off any fucking programs that decides to go against the high speed computer revolution. Motherfuckers.
O my goodess, this program is frozen, I need to press control alt delete.
by Ms. Yaweh April 28, 2006
a computer term associated with slow computers as a reset system, slang: used as a phrase meaning undo, clear or erase.
"It was so embarrassing I wish I could just control alt delete the entire day!"

"If only the brain worked like a computer, I need to control alt delete two girls one cup from my memory!"

"I did NOT need to know that! oh GOD! control alt delete! control alt delete!"
by computerfreak69 July 02, 2009
used by a clueless old person on a computer when his/her computer gets a virus. usually has no effect or makes the problem worse
The gray haired dude control alt deleted and blew up hiroshima and nagasaki.
by Pseudonymzzzzz April 29, 2009

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